The who/the why/the where

Hello. I’m 23 now, I live in Southampton with the boyf. I feel like I’m starting something, or at least carrying something on with renewed pace and conviction. I’ve got an awful lot to say, and even more to try and document in a new, stronger way. I’ve not given up on my first blog and its drunken, rich text times, but I want to talk more about things other than me.

So, the who. Me. And mine. I’ve always had a no names policy, or at least, no names when saying anything remotely negative and even then such things need to be carefully veiled in sweeping statements and mysterious references to unknown events. Maybe a bit more clarity whilst maintaining anonymity should be essential. I have a family, I have best friends, other friends, work friends, a boyfriend (singular). No pets (yet). Lovely flat. I live in Southampton, I’ve lived here since making the leap to University. I like it. I love Somerset, that’s where I’m from and I think I will go back there. I hope my life leads me back. For now, I enjoy spending time there.

The why. I have lots to say about lots. And I already had a platform for that, but I feel like I want to take it more seriously, or be taken more seriously. I also want to document the journey which I very much feel I am embarking upon. I know it’s not a new thing, I’m kind of in the middle of it, but it’s gathering momentum. Maybe. Or, I’m more aware of it? Or I’m more confident to take control of it instead of pushing on with what needs to be done. Maybe I finally have a choice. Maybe I need to write about it to actually do it. Either way I’m setting my life up. Or more, the next phase of my life.

My inspirations. Easily, simply:

Away We Go (2009). Dir. Sam Mendes.


I can’t even begin to explain how much this feels like me and him. Not yet, obviously. But the general journey-ness. Together-ness. And ‘are we fuck-ups’-ness.


98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed!

And all the music that provides the soundtrack for my journey. Most notably:

Ben Folds- Luckiest

This song calms my heart.

Bon Iver- Skinny Love

This song closes my eyes (in a good way).

Sufjan Stevens- To Be Alone with You

This song makes me whisper (the words and his name).

I’m still learning with this wordpress thing, but once I’ve got it sorted I hope it looks exactly how I want it to look.

Let’s set sail! (yes, I wish I could use punctuation in the url as well :P).

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