Think of the Alot…

The word is ‘their’. (Twitter: this Cheryl Cole malaria freak-out.. how about the millions of African children who die of it every year? Where’s there front page headline)

( )

I had other things to blog about including: why I haven’t blogged again, why David is probably the best boyfriend in the world, how far my career journey has developed (it hasn’t) and the focus of the blog I’d decided to write next: My weird relationship with deadlines/workloads/not doing any work.

But just for a moment, I have to take the time out to say:


I know, people who are pedantic about grammar are really irritating. Especially people like me who really, REALLY struggle with certain concepts (apostrophes. I still email my personal grammar advisor (best friend) with questions so I don’t look stupid seeing as picking up grammar mistakes is MY JOB). And those people who comment on something, not to discuss the story or whatever it is they are commenting on, but to pick up an error in grammar. And then the people who comment on that because the first person inevitably made a mistake typing their spur of the moment rant.

My point is, people who correct other people’s grammar just for the sake of it irritate me too. I don’t think it really needs commenting on, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rant about it. I’m not going to comment on the BBC’s recent blog about their redesign unless it’s to tell them what I think about the redesign. Because in my head, when I noticed the mistake on said blog, I just felt disappointed. WHY CAN’T THEY READ IT THROUGH BEFORE THEY POST IT!?!? But being disappointed was enough. (Like when you do something bad and a teacher says they aren’t cross, just disappointed, and that makes you feel worse. In fact, david still uses this method on me and it tends to work.)

I’ve probably made errors in this post, but I’ve tried not to and at worst I think they are most likely to be my sometimes dubious use of commas and long, complicated sentences, as opposed to using the wrong there or where or something.

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