Teenage Dream

‘Before you met me I was alright, but things were kinda heavy’

I ❤ Katy Perry. Seriously. She was on with Scott Mills recently, made. my. day.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to my spotify playlist trying to catch a line which everytime I hear it makes me want to make a note of it as one of those lines which says something perfectly. I finally found it. So, in case you missed it up the top there:

Before you met me I was alright, but things were kind of heavy.

I think this says a lot about who someone thinks they are. It says they have a before, and after. That the before wasn’t going that well, but they were coping. I like how much this says, to me anyway, even though it’s just a line in a pop song. Am I the only one who thinks in terms of befores, and nows? Used to and now do? Old Laura, new Laura?

You brought me to life, now every February, you’ll be my Valentine.

I think that’s a pretty strong message right there. It doesn’t even matter about before. Before is gone, before didn’t even EXIST.

Now, everyone listen to ‘All Alright- Sigur Ros’. It makes my hairs stand on end.

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