A post a day

Since the new year I’ve been keen to check out the “Postaday2011” blogs that frequently pop up on Freshly Pressed. I’ve never thought that this is a process (*this being a disciplined attitude to writing*) that would suit me and so didn’t really consider joining in. Currently though, I have so many blogs just awaiting to be written that I can’t help but feel anything less than a near daily blogging effort is just not going to cut it. However, this is me we’re talking about, why do anything easy when you can make it hard and challenging and likely to make you cry of frustration on the less than good days? Suddenly, I want to reel off everything I’ve ever wanted to write! To avoid a post-within a post I won’t be publishing anything here today but if you’re interested in any of the following- stay tuned!

– Children’s books (and who isn’t interested in children’s books!)

– World Book Night

– What I *actually do*

– What I’d like to do!

– Ben Folds

All for now!

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