It’s all work work work.

I’ve stumbled upon a lot of work related content while perusing the internet today. From the Guardian’s regular Live Q&A session focused on work experience to a wonderfully calming blog post from Miss Dale about ‘job worry’, which can be found here.

Considering I started this blog to document my journey on the path to getting the perfect job I haven’t really written much about it. I think in all honesty this has a lot to do with fear on my part. What if I start a blog declaring my intentions and never do anything about it? (A legitimate worry seeing as I was pretty inactive for the first few months since my opening post.) What if I get laughed down? What if my boss reads it? (Seeing as he’s wonderfully supportive of my attempt to forge a new career this isn’t really a concern.) What if I don’t have what it takes to network/get heard?

So, here goes. I want to work in publishing. I’ve decided it’s the career for me. I’m shooting off applications, I’m trying to get involved, and I’m coming up with an elaborate plan to negotiate some time off to update my CV with some more recent work experience (if they’ll have me!)

I guess what I’m saying is that reading Amelia’s blog post (above) this morning, I remembered just how easy it is to get deflated when everyone is telling you what an awful time it is for graduates, when the industry you want to work in requires numerous unpaid work placements (that divide those who can afford to do them, and those who can’t), when you feel like you should already be on your way, but perseverence is key. Maybe I didn’t make exactly the right choices towards the end of my degree or on leaving University, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get there in the end.

For anyone who feels like they are up against the odds, I prescribe equal measures of putting as much effort as you possibly can towards obtaining your goal and enjoying the ride, be it through scrapbooking (and the essential hours spent in craft shops) or through watching this video of Frank Turner’s “Photosynthesis” (my anthem) over and over again (or preferably both!). Listen to the lyrics and enjoy!

(By the by, Frank Turner at 0:14 seconds in…I fell in love).

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