Birthday dress!

Yesterday was my birthday! Every year I convince myself it’s less exciting than it was when I was younger and I shouldn’t get too carried away, but then I get super excited as usual!

I ❤ birthdays! I love the feeling of waking up and knowing the day is slightly more special than other days. I love opening cards and hearing from people and not feeling guilty taking the day off to wander around Cardiff with my boyfriend.

Which is what I did yesterday, by the way. We arrived on Sunday and had a lovely swim at the lovely hotel, and a lovely meal at Mermaid Quay and a nice chilled out shop on Monday. It’s amazing once you’re working full time how much difference ONE EXTRA DAY makes. Me and David just got to hang out together and it was DELICIOUS.

Most importantly, I found a dress to wear this weekend when Sarah comes down for birthday drinks:

Now I just need some shoes. Any suggestions, please?

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3 Responses to Birthday dress!

  1. Pretty dress – you’ll need some girly shoes to go with that. Maybe open toes (perhaps the weather will be too cold) – or flats with bows??

  2. archaism says:

    Doc Martens. They work with anything.

    A happy belated birthday, no less!

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