When faced with a terrifyingly stressful decision, it is all too easy to get swamped down by everyone’s differing opinions, how tense the situation is making you feel and how it feels like the world might end if you make the wrong choice.

This is the situation I find myself in RIGHT NOW. Consequently, I’ve decided to write myself a little blog post to make it all seem okay.

Things to remember:

1. It is Friday, which is essentially the weekend.

2. My best friend is coming to visit this evening. We are going to eat fajitas and drink tequila.

3. It is really sunny.

4. I had to make room on my bookshelf last night for all the wonderful books I got for my birthday. (Which was only on Monday, by the way!)

5. I’m having my hair coloured later which means a whole, glorious hour (at least) to continue consuming some classic chick-lit (before I start on the birthday books)

And finally, but always most importantly,

6. Wherever I work, wherever I live, I will still be with David.

So let’s all take a little time out, breathe, and realise that whatever will be, will be. Some things work out, and some don’t. We all get there eventually. And thank you to everyone who’s listened/advised!

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2 Responses to L.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n

  1. archaism says:

    Lists helps life go on, if only as productive procrastination!

    • letssetsail says:

      I think you just legitimized my constant and near uncontrollable list writing as ‘productive procrastination’! Don’t let David find out you suggested such a thing the lists will TAKE OVER OUR FLAT!

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