Do you remember that book?

Recently, discussions about books and tv shows from my childhood keep cropping up. I know I’m not alone in enjoying this type of nostaligia, everyone does it. The second an old tv programme or something is brought up in conversation that’s it, everyone wants to get involved (for the record, I’m the one who gets overly enthusiastic about such classics as The Raccoons, Sharky and George (crimebusters of the sea) and Bucky O’Hare).

The other day, I can’t remember why, David was telling me about a book he used to loved about a bear that went to the moon and took sandwiches. Booklover that I am, I knew he was talking about a Jill Murphy classic; I set about finding it and we were united in our love for Whatever Next! (the one where he had a green colander on his head?! Yeah!)

Baby Bear takes off in Whatever Next!

The image I remember best is this:

Coolest picnic ever?

I literally can’t imagine my childhood without Jill Murphy; Five Minutes’ Peace, Peace at Last, All in One Piece, A Piece of Cake, A Quiet Night In, the more I google the more I remember.  Utter love for Jill Murphy.

My next memory came as a result of a tweet on pancake day about pancakes in children’s books. I suddenly remembered stories about a family of pigs involving a wolf who ran an icecream van, the same wolf being a burgler, the pigs on pancake day, at a sports day, and possibly playing in a band. In my mind, these all seemed to run into one story, but maybe I had a collection and that’s just how I remember it. Anyway, I set to scouring the internet to find it and eventually (it took longer than expected) stumbled upon the following:

Garth Pig

I know it’s a picture of a library book, but it’s the cover image I remember. Turns out Garth Pig and the Icecream Lady is indeed one of many Garth pig books by Mary Rayner, including one called Wicked William which I’d completely forgotten about.

Finally, in my trip down memory lane, there is this:

A Bargain for Frances

I think this one is abit more obscure, so I’m not sure if anyone else will remember it; it definitely took the most effort out of all three. It’s about Frances (what is Frances?!) and how she had saved up for a china tea set but then her “friend” tricked her into getting a plastic one, and then Frances got one over on her in the end, or something like that. I assume it taught me some life lessons when I was younger, although part of me thinks there might have been blackmail involved…is that a suitable lesson for small children?! Anyway, I’m glad I found it.

*EDIT* Further googling has found the cover image I remember from my copy (although not very good quality image):

This is the cover!

And so concludes my foray into children’s literature from the early 90s. Turns out it’s a wonderful way to spend some time, I could google these things all day, all week probably. Anyone else got any memories to share?

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2 Responses to Do you remember that book?

  1. archaism says:

    My mum has inadvertently memorised large pieces of Five Minutes’ Peace from regularly reading it to my brother and I.

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