Let’s Set Sail

Hello world. It’s been a while.

Lots of draft posts are cluttering up my WordPress dashboard (and before anyone jumps in with the “have the confidence! Press post!” comments, I’d love to, if only they were more than a few drafty lines with notes to self), yet I can’t quite find the time/motivation/inspiration to just sit down and finish them.  So I’ve decided instead to write about something a little bit easier – me.

(Just interrupting this post to bring you some shocking news. I just decided to fill in a short survey (to win a toaster, by the way) and found myself in the THIRD age bracket (22-30)!!! Ignoring the fact that most surveys go for the 18-24, 25-35 option, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!)

So, here is my favourite photograph from my most recent trip to America:

Burlington Harbour, August 2009.

Pretty, no? The more astute of you might notice that it fits in quite well with my blog url (and my title, if you get the shoes full of feet reference). Just looking at it makes me feel kind of broody (not in a ‘let’s have children’ sense, just to clarify, but in a ‘dark and brooding’ sense) and hopeful. I’m not sure how or why a regular holiday snap (although, let’s face it, it’s much more than that. Look how pretty it is!) should elicit such feelings, but it does. The foreseeable future seems to be so much about movement and progression and going places and visiting people and all that jazz that a picture of some very stationary, peaceful looking boats seems to be just what I need to calm me down.

Now I just need to find a photo which will inspire David to take me on a wonderfully relaxing beach holiday. Any ideas?!

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