So, it’s Monday again. No one likes Mondays, but everyone likes Bambi, so I thought this would be a good place to start:

Now, let’s talk getting Twitterpated (a slightly different concept to that which causes the uncontrollable foot thumping seen by Thumper when he falls in lurvvvvve).

Here’s what I’m talking about:

I love Twitter. It took me a while to ‘get it’, but I’ve slowly got more and more absorbed and now it forms a kind of backdrop to my day. I feel like I’ve gained so much already in terms of making new connections and I’m still discovering all the useful ways to use it – keeping up with friends, making new ones, keeping up with publishing news, being alerted to job vacancies etc.

And above all else, I love how much Twitter makes me SMILE.

Last week, I was having a hard week. I was on my own in the office every day, I was feeling defeated in my great publishing job hunt, I looked as shattered as I felt, and David was working ridiculous hours. But Twitter was there! And people are so friendly!

On Wednesday, I was submitting an application for a job I *really* want and that I had worked *really* hard on. Twitter (or more truthfully, my Twitter friends) was there to help. Look!

Offers of assistance and good luck messages!

I felt encouraged. On the Monday @GuardianCareers had brought a relevant Q&A to my attention, from which I got in contact with Suzanne Collier (@SuzanneCollier) of which was just what I needed to feel renewed enthusiasm for my job hunt. Suddenly, the despair (probably an exaggeration!) I’d been feeling was reduced to the odd niggle when I was feeling fed up and frustrated.

Yet still, Twitter continued to make my week. When I got home on Friday, there was a package waiting for me. Waterstones had put out a request for reviewers for On Nature via Twitter and I had responded and promptly forgotten about it. Oh, how it made me smile, look how pretty it is:

On Nature (Collins), Hardback, 2011

I cannot wait to get stuck in and write a review; I can just tell that it will be lovely from cover to cover.

So by the end of the week I was feeling much much better (might have also had something to do with it being less than 24 hours until Take That on Saturday night at Wembley with my Mum and Dad!).

And so back to the beginning. Today is a Monday. Nobody likes Mondays. Work is madness, David was away last night = not going to bed on time (actually, I got caught up watching Pride and Prejudice, but we’ll blame David for that one) and I am literally being taken down by hayfever (if you’ve got nothing more than a light sniffle, I don’t want to hear about it). And still, Twitter has made me smile. Kleenex (@KleenexHayfever) are sending me a hayfever rescue kit, Guardian Careers reminded me to get involved in the “Getting into Publishing” Q&A (fantastic advice as always – no-one’s offered me a job yet though….) and a friend I would never be in touch with if it wasn’t for Twitter is sympathising with the Sunday/Monday gloom (Hi @Dilystreacle – she makes lovely cards and things so check her out).

And that is what I mean by twitterpated 🙂

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4 Responses to Twitterpated

  1. Zoe Faulder says:

    It’s brilliant to hear the Q&A was beneficial and hopefully Twitter will continue to make difficult days better.
    Great blog by the way!

  2. Sandra NB says:

    I found your twitter through the Q&A and then found this.
    They seemed to be really helpful to you, so I really hope that goes well.
    Just wanted to drop by and say that and I’m now following you on twitter 🙂
    good luck for your future job applications!

  3. Deletrius says:

    Loved the video, and I get caught up in Pride and Prejudice often, as well. I’m glad you have such a great Twitter family. I don’t have one, but perhaps in the future I’ll consider it! For now I’ll stick with my wordpress fam. Nice post!

  4. ardiecollins says:

    Twitter really is a little bit brilliant! I really liked this post, Laura. It was a nice little snapshot of how Twitter-life and real life are prone to intermingle for a lot of us now. Good luck with the job hunt!

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