At the weekend David and I went to the 2000 Trees Festival.

I’ll be honest, as those of you who follow me on twitter (@ljpearce1) will know, the week leading up to it didn’t go so well. Unfortunately the friends we were supposed to be going with could no longer make it, David was working nights, I was working later than usual then going to the shops/ordering birthday presents/everything else and towards the end we were both feeling abit frazzled. Then there was the “tent practice” which ended up in me uncharacteristically storming off. I was starting to think I’d rather just stay home and recover from the stress of getting ready for it.

Come Friday, David snuck in from work at 5am (queue grumpy/sleepy Laura: “You’re two hours EARLY. I’m meant to be ASLEEP”) and then we got up at 8am to pack the car and get on our way. Luckily from there on in it all got MUCH better! We arrived at the site without a hitch and headed to the campsite. We pitched our tent with no fighting involved (turns out @pressfuturist was right, a tent practice complete with arguing was exactly what we needed!) and went for a lovely wander.

And the whole weekend can be summed up with ‘having a lovely wander’.  On the Friday we went exploring, checked out the main stage, sampled some of the yummy food on offer and headed off to watch some music. I’d done some research into the bands, combined with a few (awesome) suggestions, so we had ourselves a vague plan to work around.

Here is the view of the site from our pitch:

We headed down to the main stage:

Unbeknown to us, we are both getting horrendously sunburnt.

Main stage:

For the rest of the day/evening we mostly stuck to the Leaf Lounge. Bands we saw included: Dave McPherson (so so good), Crazy Arm (Acoustic), Tall Ships and Tellison.

Friday night it rained A LOT. Saturday morning it continued (we missed out on the Sheep Dog Trials – I was overly sad about this!) and we were abit worried we’d be stuck in the tent FOREVER. Luckily, it stopped about twenty minutes before bands were due to start up again and we got ourselves together pretty quick and headed out.

Attempt to have a BBQ just after the rain had cleared:

It was pretty windy, but we still managed some amazing 2 sausage 3 bacon sandwiches (because I took lots of BBQ food, but only two rolls). We were all settled on the hill by the GreenHouse stage for several hours with food and cider and because it was so close to our tent we could pop back for sunglasses/hats etc as it heated up.

GreenHouse stage and hill:

We were soooo lucky with the weather. After the GreenHouse we snuck off to see Yndi Halda (amazing band, but not so suited to a festival situation) then headed off for a walk.

Nature walk wander:

The views were amazing. Saturday night was more of the same and lots of dancing to The Travelling Band and Frightened Rabbit – David seemed kind of embarrassed by my Shamu Dance to be honest.

Sunday it was raining again when we woke up, but luckily we managed to get all sorted and packed up and in the car *just* before the heavens opened. It was an awesome weekend, turns out festivals as a couple DO work, but we were both glad to be home. Sunburnt and taken out with hayfever we were both feeling pretty burnt out, but totally worth it 🙂

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3 Responses to 2000trees

  1. Amelia Dale says:

    Hi Laura – this festival looks amazing!

    Glad you had a nice time 🙂 xXx

  2. letssetsail says:

    Hi lovely,

    Thanks! It was so much fun, it’s quite small and really chilled out so suited us down to the ground. Feel free to join us next year!

    🙂 xxx

  3. Ells says:

    I was there too… So much fun. 🙂 We also saw Tellison in the Leaf Lounge, so we might have seen each other and not realised… heh, small world.

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