Hello world!

Right, well, sorry for the lack of content of late. The phrase that springs to mind is ‘you’ve let me down, but more than that, you’ve let yourself down’. Too true, wordpress, I have indeed.

But, let me just try and provide some justification… I’ve had a few life events happen over the past few months and in between I’ve mostly kept my head down. If you’re interested, read on.

In september, I got engaged! Massively exciting, totally overwhelming and utterly time consuming. Since then I’ve escaped to center parcs for a week with David, had an engagement party, Christmas, and then in January I started a new job, which is also massively exciting, totally overwhelming and utterly exhausting. I’m sure you can see the theme emerging.

Tidying up my previous role and getting to grips with a new one has been a big task,  especially combined with weekends spent planning, thinking, venue viewing.

Anyway, I think you’ve got the message, I’ve been a busy bunny. If you want to know more, I’ll link to my traditional january post just as soon as it’s done. For now, I’m adding ‘update blog regularly’ to an (embarrassingly long) list of good intentions.

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