A Pursuit Some Called Outstanding

Today at work I had to get my head down and push on with some concentration-intensive tasks. Traditionally, I’d crack the headphones out and get absorbed in writing with Sigur Ros as my background noise. Today, oddly, nothing worked except for the soundtrack from Drive (2011).

I’m always really pleased when I notice the soundtrack during a film for all the right reasons and one of the first things I did when we arrived home from the cinema was look up a couple of the tracks. It’s not my usual kind of thing but it just FITS so well. It really made the film what it is. To get an idea, listen to these:

Nightcall – Kavinsky

Under Your Spell – Desire

A Real Hero – College feat. Electric Youth

By the by, if you’ve not seen Drive, do it. It’s pretty intense, and probably not what you’re expecting, but it’s very, very good. I was entranced.

In the end, the result of having spent three hours listening to pretty much three songs on repeat, was that all I could talk about at lunch was Ryan Gosling. I love him.

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