Back Away from the Technology

So, chappy in The Standard t’other week made a very good point.

Wednesday 14th March:

On the minus side, I am unable to read Twitter on the bus. On the plus side, I am unable to read Twitter on the bus.
– Richard Godwin

I think Richard Godwin is very astute.

David has, in a not-quite-totally-serious-but-I-will-be-if-you-persist way, suggested banning technology from the bedroom. I couldn’t think of a way to phrase that without implying what it does, so let me spell it out:

When we’re attempting to go to sleep, I find myself on Twitter.

When we’re “reading” before we go to sleep, I’m surfing the Internet.

When we’re lazing about thinking about getting up, I’m emailing.

I can’t help it, I wasn’t this bad before I got my “smartphone” (a word which irritates me no end). Occasionally, it proves unbelievably useful. When David is stuck working away without signal but with an internet connection – he can email me and know that I will pick it up almost instantaneously, thus knowing he is around, online. If we are lost, don’t trust Sean (our wayward satnav), looking for somwhere to eat, etc. etc. trusty phone is there.

Mostly. Quite often it’s there physically but quite incapable of being useful because it has a) shocking battery life and b) an attitude problem that means it rarely does what I want.

Last month, I went over my very generous data allowance in my excessive phone plan. Not, sadly, because I had had too many justified reasons to crack out the “smartphone”. No, mostly because I was spending my daily commute on the train faffing about on the Internet. What happened to spending 40 solid minutes reading, twice a day?! This was my dream. It has not materialised. Delayed trains merely provide me with an excuse to stand there doing the F5 equivalent to see exactly where the train is.

Really, I need to do as David says. I need to step away from the phone. And pick up a book.

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One Response to Back Away from the Technology

  1. Steve says:

    happens to the best of us

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