It’s 2013!

Oh my word. It’s 2013. It’s over a year since I posted anything. I honestly do not know how that happened. I mean, I do, I just… don’t. For a while, I lost interest. The cake thing wasn’t happening, life was. Yadda yadda. Then things got a small amount of crazy and now it’s 122 days until I get married. EEK. I have funny / ridiculous / crazy stories galore. Sometimes I think wedding planning is making me go slightly mad. Then I think it might be the new job / wedding / moving flats combination. Then I remember something else that I need to do and start thinking about THE LISTS instead. So many lists. I have the MOST AMAZING wedding spreadsheet. Honestly, I feel like I should pass it on to someone when I’m done. The beautiful wedding planning folder I bought is… I was going to say lying forlornly on a bookshelf, but it isn’t, because we just moved (which I totally remember doing), so it’s in a box somewhere. Anyway, it’s sad and empty. Spreadsheets are the way forward.

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