Excellent Things

I don’t get to indulge in many fancy hair products, on account of having a troublesome scalp which more often than not requires steroid-based potions to keep it under control. I do like to have a fling with new brands now and then; I’ve been quite attached to Charles Worthington, John Frieda, all the usual suspects. Recently though, I’ve been losing the battle against my skin and anything that wasn’t medicated irritated my head, and all the prescribed concoctions made my hair smell funny. Pretty fed up, I fancied a shampoo/conditioner-shaped treat and picked up the NAKED products in Boots.

BUY THESE. They will do wonderful things to your hair. The specific products I have are this shampoo and this conditioner. The shampoo smells of neroli, the same scent from lots of my decleor products. So whenever I shampoo my hair I get a whiff of spa treatments. And the conditioner! Try the conditioner. It is so silky. It smells faintly of olive oil (in a good way, not a weird way). It makes me so happy. Also, they don’t use lots of chemicals and like rabbits, or something.

To conclude:

Excellent Things

1. NAKED hair products

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