There’s a hashtag for that #CantLiveWithoutBooks

So, as we’ve established, I’ve got an awful lot of books to fill you in on. 30+ in fact. I seem to be getting through them quicker and quicker. Books are ever present. In every form. I read my kindle, I click & collect from Waterstones, and I listen to audiobooks as I go for a walk at lunch. The one thing that assembling my list of books from the latter part of 2014 has done, is that it’s made me think maybe I get through them a little too easily. Partly I write my succinct reviews because that’s what I’m like, I’m more likely to throw you a one liner in real life than talk you through it, and if I do, you know it’s really caught my attention. But also, sometimes, I can’t entirely remember them. Even the ones I know I enjoyed. They merge and blur with getting on the train, finding my seat, and trying not to nod off. So, whilst I always want to read more and more, I’m also going to try and be patient. And maybe in doing so, I might find the space to write a few more reviews. It’s easier to do when you’re not halfway through the next story.

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