Part 2 – San Francisco!

San Francisco

Eeeee, San Francisco! We stayed near Union Square at The Herbert and I’d definitely recommend it. We struggled even more to find somewhere in budget in San Francisco, probably because we left it a little late. Eventually I went through an old newspaper article, googling all the suggestions and The Herbert looked like the best. It was a good choice – pretty basic with a slightly slopey floor and no air-con, but comfortable, friendly and perfectly located. Stepping out the hotel minutes from Union Square was great.


We found this article helpful for choosing where to stay:

Being where we were, we were pretty well set for days of wandering, walking and exploring. Which I think is what I enjoyed most about San Francisco, just stepping out and taking an excessive number of photographs of buildings. And always with a good breakfast to get us started! We went to Sears, because we’d read we should, but really the most unbelievably delicious breakfast was here. It’s small and gets busy so you have to time it right, but our short wait was so worth it. Even if we spent a large portion of the day’s budget on breakfast!

Breakfast for absolute champs

Breakfast for absolute champs

Of course, we did all those things you’re supposed to do – we caught a cable car, wandered around Fisherman’s Wharf and made friends with the sea lions and explored China Town.

We also took a day out to cycle the bridge – DO IT! It was super fun on our comfy bikes and the views were amazing. When we got to Sausalito it was so sunny it felt like being on holiday in the med. Perfect.

(We used Bay City Bike but there’s quite a few companies around Fisherman’s Wharf and there’s probably much it, definitely book online though for a discount even if just the day before).

We also had a delicious dinner with my friend Will here: Le Colonial. The Ca Hap La Chuoi (steamed sea bass, wrapped in banana leaves with noodles, tomatoes and mushrooms) is exceptional. Don’t forget a lychee cocktail!

And lastly, we drank cocktails in The View and watched the sun set. And decided we were moving to San Francisco. Pretty special.

Sunset over San Francisco

Sunset over San Francisco

Next up… Yellowstone!

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