About Me

Hello world. I’m a Marketing Manager in education publishing with an unhealthy obsession with Excel. I may or may not have used a spreadsheet with tabs and formulas to plan my wedding. I like to keep up to date on publishing things, marketing things, digital things and education things.

I like:

The smell of rain in the summer (petrichor – the scent of rain on dry earth)
Being outdoors (despite the hayfever)
Cute animals including kittens, tigers, pandas and dolphins
And less cute ones including sharks and killer whales (UPDATE: out of nowhere I’ve developed a killer whale phobia – now terrified of them).
David (husband)
Music (and gigs, lots of gigs)
Books books books books books
Cooking / discovering wonderful eateries
Marian Keyes
Going home / the West Country
Hazelnut lattes (despite some form of allergy / aversion to caffeine and excessive sugar)

I don’t like:

Cold feet
Wearing socks (but I do like fun socks, especially animal themed. I just like to be able to take them off as soon as I get home of an evening)
Pigeons/seagulls/geese/swans etc.
How clumsy I am
That moment when you can’t remember a word that is on the tip of your tongue
Being unhealthy


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